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“A Fairytale That Every Pool Salesmen Tells…even the honest ones”

There is nothing more frustrating than having a salesperson sell you a pool and tell you that they will begin digging the pool in 2 weeks, only to find out that after digging the hole the crew is nowhere to be found for another 4 to even 8 weeks! Most pool salesman may tell you the start date but what they fail to mention is the completion date.

Not only is this is extremely frustrating, but it is also illegal. Because most pool companies require 25% of the purchase price upon the initial dig, many of them have been known to dig the pool as soon as possible, but don't complete the pool for another 2 months.

Most pool companies will only include the start date in the contract and not the completion date. This is because the salesperson has no idea what the construction schedule is going to be for your pool. Many of them have no clue who the supervisor is on the job, let alone the actual crew, nor do they know when they actually plan on building your pool. But many salespeople will tell a fib or set unrealistic expectations in order to close the deal. This is fine for them because they know once you sign the contract, you will more than likely never see them again.

At Arizona Pool Builders we include the schedule in our contracts and guarantee that the work will be completed on time. We are able to do this because not only is the person making the promise to you responsible for the scheduling of your pool but they personally know all of the superintendents and can therefore ensure that your pool will be completed according to schedule and built on time.

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