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Seven Question Pool Salesman Pray You
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What Every Home Owner Should Know About Building A Pool

If you are an existing homeowner, a new homeowner, or designing your dream home and you’re looking to create an aesthetic, relaxing environment to escape the summer heat, or you just want to entertain family and friends... I’d like to show you how you can build a pool-without the hassles, worries or frustrations, commonly associated problems with the pool industry.

My name is Tom Moebius; I am the owner of Arizona Pool Builders. I am dedicated to designing and building quality pools that lead our customers to say, “Wow!” We do something very unique in our industry- we eliminate many of the problems people have when trying to decide who they should trust to design and build a pool. Review the “7 questions every pool salesperson prays you won’t ask” below and see for yourself how Arizona Pool Builders makes designing and building quality pools a rewarding experience for everyone.

Do you have complaints registered with the Registrar of Contractors, and can I have your contractor’s license number to check your status?
Often pool builders and their salespeople will make claims and promises that they are unable to fulfill in order to get a signed contract. The problem arises as the pool is being built and it becomes obvious that they never had the intention to deliver on their promise. As a result, many disputes occur between the customers and the pool company either by an an unfulfilled promise that was made by the salesperson or just due to poor workmanship. Every one of these complaints are registered and you as a consumer need to be aware of the companies past performance. . If you check our license number #ROC110879 at http://www.rc.state.az.us/clsc/AZROCLicenseQuery you will see that we have been in business for 8 years and have a perfect record.

As a salesperson, will I see you during the construction process to make sure I’m getting what you sold me, and how often will I see you after the sale?
Most pool companies and their salespeople are only interested in “selling you” a pool, rather than designing and building a pool. Once you sign the contract, the salesperson moves onto the next sales lead, and you’ll never see the sales person on the site again. Now the responsibility to deliver on the “promises” is up to the superintendent, who you have never even met, let alone was a part of the original discussions. At Arizona Pool Builders, the person that you sign the contract with will not only design your pool based upon your specifications, but will also be your superintendent, ensuring the pool is built to your specifications.

Is the price you quoted the final price, or are there any potential add-ons or hidden costs that can take place that you are not telling me about right now?
Some pool companies may come in at a lower bid on a project knowing full well that they will make-up the money through additional add-ons once under construction. For example, a “hard dig,” where the ground underneath the surface is rock or a harder material, takes more time and is wearing on the equipment. The company may present this to you for the first time only after they have already begun the digging. Other such costs include removing landscape, moving air-conditioning units, or fixing sprinkler lines that are in the way. All utilities also need to be located before you sign the contract because there is a possibility they will have to be moved too, which adds to the cost. One of the most costly mistakes is when a pool is built under power lines and during the inspection it is noticed; fines are then assessed accordingly so make sure it is delineated in your contact that the pool company pays for such an expense.

As a salesperson, what qualifies you as a pool designer? How much experience do you have in design, (were you a car or shoe salesmen a year ago)?
Most salespeople have little, if any, experience in the field of design or mechanical drawing. They may lack the experience on construction sites to know whether or not what they are designing can actually be built. They know the basics: the width, depth and length of a free-form pool; where to put the steps to enter, and they know the pool goes some place in the backyard. If they want to get really creative, they’ll add a pile of rocks at one end or the other calling it a waterfall. They operate in a vacuum and will usually not take into consideration the other critical elements that go into building a quality product, which insures a quality experience.

For instance, the most common oversight is where they place your skimmer (the piece of equipment responsible for removing leaves, dust and other floating debris from the water). Most sales people will just place the skimmer at the shortest run to your filter and other equipment because this is the cheapest method. What they won’t take into consideration is the fact that the wind at your house most often blows out of the west. Therefore, the skimmer needs to be placed on the east side of the pool in order to catch all the debris, regardless of where the equipment is located. While they may save you a little money upfront, in the long run you will have a worse experience because you will have to spend more money to clean your pool more often.

At Arizona Pool Builders, we are proud of the fact that our pools win national awards for their design and architecture. But what motivates us is not getting into a magazine, it is having our customers walk out to their backyard and look at us and say “WOW, I had no idea it would look this great.”

To better understand how Arizona Pool Builders is able to replicate such an experience time after time, and for a full list of the critical elements that need to be taken into consideration for building a national award winning pool- download our FREE REPORT “Design Principles and Construction Methods that Achieve, WOW!”

What are the names of the people that will actually be building my pool, specifically the names of the “sub-contractors?” How long have you known & worked with them?
Most pool companies hire independent contractors to build your pool. The problem is that not all sub-contractors are created equal; you have those that do quality work and are considered to be specialists and then you have those that just punch a clock and make money by doing mass volume. Salespeople hate this question, because they can never answer it. At Arizona Pool Builders we not only work with the best, but we could tell you every person’s name that would be building your pool. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we only hire independent contractors for specific work. The most critical aspects of quality we don’t trust to anyone, except ourselves. For instance, we do all of our own masonry work (placing the tiles or copping around your pool) and all of our own rock and boulder work. Because this is the work that you and your friends will see everyday, and is one of the most important aspects of your pool, we do it ourselves because attention to detail is critical!!!

Will you provide me the names and numbers of your last 3 customers as references?
If a sales-person says, “We have been in business for 24 years,” ask him how long “He” has been selling pools. Have him provide a list of the last three customers that he sold a pool to, and ask him if YOU can contact them. Obviously his most recent customers are the important ones to contact. Are those customers happy, did the company deliver on what was promised?

Are you locked in with an equipment supplier, like Hayward? Does your company get a kick back for selling their equipment, even though there might be better equipment available to me?
Many pool companies will make deals with pool equipment suppliers and get a “kickback” from those companies for selling their equipment. The equipment may use more electricity per hour than other equipment that is offered, but the pool company’s salesperson is restricted to only sell that one type of equipment. Since the company is getting a kickback on the equipment, certain equipment may be cheaper, for example a motor. You may think that you are getting a good deal initially due to the lower price but in reality you could end up spending $200 a year more for electricity - plus the motor will not last as long and you will have to pay for the replacement.

During construction, who is responsible for removing excess debris and cleaning up my yard?
Most companies have few or no policies when dealing with the tidiness and cleanliness of your yard or your neighbor’s yard; they tend to be very sloppy during construction. We hand out a notice to the neighbors stating, “Excuse Our Dust” with a telephone number to call if there is a problem. We have a professional company that at the end of construction, clean the pool and the yard, prior to the fishing plaster.

Why should I do business with you?
Whose fault is it when these problems occur during or after the building of a pool? I believe it’s the pool industries fault, for hiring unqualified salespeople, trying to pretend that they are designers. We realize that buying and building a pool is a big step for you. We also know that you are busy with your own lives and don’t necessarily have time to figure out how every pool company works. That’s why we have committed ourselves to overcoming every problem you will face with other pool companies - we make the building of your custom pool exciting, easy, and rewarding. Please call or visit www.arizonapoolbuilders.com now to reserve your FREE Report: “The Design Principles and Construction Methods that Achieve, WOW”

Even if you’re just thinking about building a pool right now, this report: “The Design Principles and Construction Methods that Achieve, WOW,” will show you how to determine which pool company has the experience and expertise to build not only a quality pool, but create a quality experience.

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