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Thomas W. Moebius, owner of Arizona Pool Builders, states, "Our recipe for creating a 'waterscape' is simple... we start with honesty and integrity, next we add sound design principles, then mix in technical construction expertise, and throughout the entire process pay close attention to detail. This is the 'secret sauce' for achieving 'WOW!'"

Tom graduated from the University of Arizona in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Tom understands ethics and business and uses those skills daily. Over 40 years ago, Mr. Moebius began working for a landscape company, designing and creating total landscape packages including waterscapes and lagoons, and physically constructing all the phases involved with the projects. Tom not only gained a complete understanding of construction, but also learned the importance of the individuals in the labor force and how they are the very essence of why companies are successful.

In the early 90's, Tom became a General Contractor in California, building and designing commercial and residential projects. His knowledge of residential construction, landscape design, pool design and construction of residential and commercial pools, gives Arizona Pool Builders an absolute edge over all of its competitors. His experience in the architectural design and construction of spec-homes, along with his expertise in landscape design, has given him an eye for integrating the backyard with the home. Because of his diverse experiences, Tom has become a master in both pool design and construction, and has learned that "there is a perfect balance between the house and its surroundings." He will thus design and create your unique pool to find that integrated balance for your utmost satisfaction.

Obsessed with objects of achievement and perfection, Tom saw an inadequacy in the swimming pool industry. He started Arizona Pool Builders with a passion to design and construct quality waterscapes that he could personally be proud to call his own. Tom says, “it may be difficult for the new pool buyer to understand, but it is incredibly rewarding for us to bring a unique vision to fruition and deliver a great product, all the while doing what you love to do.” Arizona Pool Builders opts for remaining relatively small; this allows them to have total control and influence over every pool. “Big pool companies are the worst enemy to a new pool buyer, yet the buyer believes they are the best. "It simply amazes me," says Tom, "You are just a number to them." You will see Tom on all the projects. In fact, he typically creates and builds the water features and does all of his own masonry work.

Tom has been selected by national corporations to build and design their swimming pools and have even asked him to redesign an existing design. After seeing Tom’s incredible work and creativity, these corporations have then hired him to construct their other water features. Due to Tom’s unparalleled work, people living outside of Arizona have asked him to build their pools. As a result he not only constructs in Arizona but he also builds in Texas and new this year, in Florida. There is a reason they select Tom. Tom says, “Our honesty, precision in construction, and delivering what we say we will do, lands us the referrals, and the jobs. Get to know our working staff, and you will be happy you selected us."

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